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Need a cash advance until your next payday? Speedy Cash provides payday advances to residents across Washington State.
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We also offer payday loans to outlying towns like Winlock, Toledo, Castle Rock, Grand Mound, Cathlamet, Kalama, Woodland, Rainier and Rochester.

Introduction to Payday Loans

Welcome to Speedy Cash. Thank you for choosing us. We know that making informed financial decisions is important to you, and we invite you to take a moment to review these answers to frequently asked questions about Speedy Cash loans.

Loan Amount Fee Write  Post Dated
Check for
30 Day APR Rate
$50.00 $7.50 $57.50 182.50%
$100.00 $15.00 $115.00 182.50%
$150.00 $22.50 $172.50 182.50%
$200.00 $30.00 $230.00 182.50%
$250.00 $37.50 $287.50 182.50%
$300.00 $45.00 $345.00 182.50%
$350.00 $52.50 $402.50 182.50%
$400.00 $60.00 $460.00 182.50%
$450.00 $67.50 $517.50 182.50%
$500.00 $75.00 $575.00 182.50%
$550.00 $80.00 $630.00 176.97%
$600.00 $85.00 $685.00 173.36%
$650.00 $90.00 $740.00 168.46%
$700.00 $95.00 $795.00 165.12%

Facts About Our Payday Loan Services

Why do people choose a Payday Loan to borrow money for a short period of time?

Surveys show that while most people typically do a good job of managing their household budgets, most of us need occasional help. An increasing number of consumers choose a Payday Loan to cover unexpected expenses or bridge a short-term cash shortage between paydays. A Payday Loan is a short-term loan that provides a sensible alternative to bounced checks, late payment charges or tarnished credit rating.

How often do people typically borrow money?

A Payday Loan is a short term loan to cover an occasional, unexpected cash shortage between paydays. A Payday Loan does not provide the kind of help intended if used repeatedly to the point of incurring additional debt. We recommend that you investigate other financing options if you are planning on borrowing money beyond your next payday.

A Payday Loan is not a long-term solution for ongoing budget management.

How does Speedy Cash determine how much I can borrow?
State laws regulate the amount of money that can be loaned. Within the limit, Speedy Cash qualifies you to borrow only an amount you can reasonably repay from your next paycheck.
How does Speedy Cash determine what to charge?
State laws regulate loan fees. It is our goal to offer loans at a competitive rate.

Payday Loans

Does Speedy Cash vary the loan fee based on my credit rating?
Although banks and other financial institutions charge varying rates depending on a customer’s credit-worthiness, Speedy Cash charges a standard rate to all customers. Speedy Cash does not review your credit report, but bases our lending decision on your ability to repay your loan.
If a payday loan is quick and simple why is there so much information in the Loan Agreement and Disclosure Statement?
The Loan Agreement and Disclosure Statement is a contract between you and Speedy Cash. It outlines the terms of the loan, including the cost of the loan expressed as a dollar amount and as an annual percentage rate.
Can I just pay the loan fee to extend the loan? Washington State law prohibits "rollovers".
Because this is a short-term loan rather than a revolving credit option, Washington State requires you to repay your loan in full on the due date.
What is a Checkless Loan and how do I get one?

A checkless loan is a payday loan that does not require a personal check. Instead of depositing your check into the bank or coming in and buying the check back Speedy Cash simply debits the funds directly from your checking account.

To qualify for a checkless loan you need a drivers licence, most recent bank statement with full account number printed on the statement, and your most recent pay stub. You must have direct deposit of your funds into the banking account that you will be using for the loan.

Can I make payments over the phone?
Yes Just give us a call at (360)414-8800 and we can take your payments over the phone with your debit card.
Can I pay off my loan before it is due?

Yes, You can prepay your loan in full prior to the due date with no prepayment penalty.

How do I repay my payday loan?
Payment options vary depending on your loan agreement, write a postdated check at loan origination for repayment , your paper check will be turned into an electronic check for presentation to your bank , if you wish , you can opt to have your paper check physically deposited rather than electronically presented. OR Repay your loan in full in cash, or we can deposit using ACH, or you can use your debit card. OR, Repay your loan in full over the phone using your debit card.
What if I am unable to repay my loan on my due date?
If you are unable to pay your loan when it is due, Speedy Cash offers a payment plan. You must request a payment plan before the deposit time on the day your loan is due. If the amount you owe is $400.00 or less, you can enter into a payment plant to repay in substantially equal payments over 90 days. If the amount you owe is more than $400.00 you can enter into a payment plan to repay in substantially equal payments over 180 days. There is no charge to enter into a payment plan. You will not be eligible to take out a payday loan from any Washington Licensed lender until your payment plan is paid in full. You can obtain additional details by contacting us at (360) 414-8800.

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